Biography of Grace Compass

Renee Garner & Maria Dennis

Grace Compass is comprised of the music and ministry of Renee Garner and Maria Smith; for the sole purpose of glorifying God and bringing encouragement to the listener.

The moment they played together they hit it off. Quickly, they began writing together and worked to perfect their sound over the following eighteen months and produced the first CD "Grace Compass" in 2005. The next three years unfolded ministry opportunities that only God could have brought about along with the music suited for the ministry. During those three years "See Him" was produced, as well as the third CD "In My Father's House".

Now, in 2011, they have just released their brand new album "GC IV", produced by Maria's husband TJ Smith. The feel of the album is more organic with live percussion and drums and no synthesizers. Renee and Maria's lyrics reach a new level of intimacy with Christ as Maria's brilliant musicianship and arranging fully compliments the lyrics of hope and faith. Grace Comfort is all about instilling Godly women with strength to serve the Lord. From Women's conferences to women's weekend get-away's, Grace Comfort has delivered a new album with wonderful songs of our Lord!